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Friday, December 13, 2002

Another PhD shows off his stuff!  

Hard to believe that the person that posted this message goes by the handle, " anotherphd " :-)

"SOA breaks the OOP model
With all the talk of the so-called benefits that SOA brings to the table, I am shocked to see how everyone is missing the glaring fact that SOA breaks the pure OOP model by removing the concept of objects altogether.

It is my opinion that this will be the very thing that prevents SOA from succeeding.

From: anotherphd Date: 10/22/02 "

It is clear that some people are still having a hard time understanding what a Service Oriented Architecture is....

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SOA Papers  

A number of people have written whitepapers on Service Oriented Architectures.

Here are some of the ones I've run across:

- Service Oriented Architecture: A Primer, by Michael Pallos
- Service Oriented Architecture - Introduction, by Michael Stevens
- The Benefits of a Service Oriented Architecture, by Michael Stevens
- Web Services: Pathway to a Service Oriented Architecture?, by Gregor Hohpe
- The Evolution of Web Applictions into Service Oriented Components with Web Services, by Steve Burbeck

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Sunday, December 08, 2002

To a carpenter, it looks like a hammer...  

I seem to be bitching a lot lately - mostly about items written about web services by really smart people. As I look back, in each case I see that the author is bringing their baggage with them - OO baggage, business improvement baggage and most recently database baggage.

Doug Barry is a smart guy. He recently published a white paper on, "Getting Ready for a Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture". I got excited by the title - it was the first time I saw someone other than me use the term SOE. I dove into the paper! Right off the bat I see Barry telling a story of a message oriented world - I'm loving it! Then, it starts to go down hill - he moves into using a "database of record" - hmmm... he's talking storage. But then he takes it up a beat and starts talking about EAI, but refuses to use the term EAI and instead refers to it as a "Data Router"??? Now I'm suspicious - then, he moves into how object databases are better and the one from Versant kicks ass. UGGGGG.... I felt like the kid Ralphie on, "A Christmas Story" who just found out that the message for the secret decoder ring was really just a commercial for Ovaltine. Doug, if you want to create yet another commercial for Versant or the object DBMS, just title your paper, "Why I am the King of Persisted Objects!" or something like that.

Doug obviously realizes that he's doing this and comments:
"For those readers who know of my background in object DBMS's, you are probably saying something about how I am beating the same old drum concerning object DBMS's. Although this may be true, I am trying to point out a specific use that should make sense to almost any organization that has a need for middle-tier persistence." Enough said.

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