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Saturday, April 05, 2003

E-Week Editorial  

I just read the latest e-week editorial:,3959,985606,00.asp
They comment that SOAP will be challenged because security wasn't built into the 1.2 specification. I'm getting the feeling that the E-Week editorial board isn't familiar with the WS-I security profile work. I also get the feeling that they are still in 1990 land and want a BIG-ASS spec that ties all of this stuff together in a single spec rather than having a building block structure to specifications.

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Thursday, April 03, 2003

WebMethods White Paper  

Web Methods has released a white paper, "An Introduction to Web Service Based Integration (WSBI)":

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Let's Dump BPEL and use JavaScript!!!!  

HOLY SHIT! O'Toole at Cape Clear thinks we should dump BPEL4WS and use JavaScript instead:

"I asked O'Toole if he expected Cape Clear's customers to proceed blindly with developing Web services that are devoid of any notion of orchestration or transactional state. O'Toole claimed that complicated protocols like the Business Process Execution Language for Web services (BPEL4WS) or the Web services Choreography Interface (WSCI) are extra baggage and that any functionality that those specifications are designed to handle is easily covered by something found in virtually every system: JavaScript (also known as ECMAScript). "


He goes on to say that application servers can go as well. I get the feeling that anything that isn't in his companies product portfolio (yet) isn't worth the while.... very sad.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Not Loosely Coupled  

David Chappell makes some sound comments on the fact that loose coupling is poorly defined and that usually it is a bunch of crap:

I think the point that David is trying to make is that we need agility with out fragility. That is the essence of loose coupling.

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BPEL White Paper  

The guys over at Collaxa ran this nice white paper down:

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Hermes Message Hanlder  

I just ran across this free implementation of the ebMS specification:

I have no idea how well it works...

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