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Friday, May 02, 2003

IBM WebSphere adds grid capabilities based on Web services reports:

1 May 2003 -- IBM Corp says its new WebSphere software will help companies get more value from their existing IT resources by allowing them to automatically manage multiple applications running on multiple clusters of servers as a single environment.
IBM says by virtualizing the resources available across a grid of WebSphere servers, the new technology -- called IBM Server Allocation for WebSphere Application Server -- allows customers to simultaneously increase application performance and resource utilization.

The technology, according to IBM, will enable companies to manage business applications running on different servers, and with differing priorities, usage patterns and computing profiles, as a single environment that can automatically adapt to sudden changes, much like the electrical grid. The company says it uses open Web services standards and will be enhanced as emerging Open Grid Standard Architecture (OGSA) protocols mature.

More details:

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Plugging Leaky Business Cases  

Jack Keen has written an article at CIO Magazine on validating business cases. He introduces a couple bullet items which are fairly basic. The reason I mention it is that I am a fan of Business and I.T. Alignment. At Momentum, I preach to the consultants about tying business cases and use-cases together. Many software people tend to believe that the use-case IS the business case. This just isn't the case... the use-case brings the business case to fruition. I reccomend prioritizing the business cases, then identifying the use-cases for each business case, then prioritize the use-cases within the high priority business cases. Also, I recommend documenting the association of a business case to a use case. For example,

Business Case #32:
Theme: Increase Customer Satisfaction
Objective: Resolve Technical Support Questions Quickly
Measurement: 80% resolved on first call

Business Case #42
Theme: Remain Fully Compliant with Government Regulations
Objective: Answer questions around hazardous material
Measuerement: Have access to all MSDS information / per product

// More business cases go here....

and then later....

Use Case: Display Material Safety Data Sheet
Business Case : #34
Overview: blah blah blah
Pre-conditions: blah blah blah
Post-conditions: blah blah blah
// rest of use case...

// More Use case goes here

I find that too often software developers are building new components or fixing old ones - yet they have no indication on why they are doing it. Relating the use-case back to the business case gives the engineer the knowledge to better understand and/or challenge the users about the work effort.

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