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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Microsoft TechEd Concludes  

I got to swing by the Microsoft TechEd for a couple of days. It was a great show - well run - attendance around the 9,000 mark.

I must admit that I was disappointed at the attendance of the web service talks. While excellent presentations like "Reliable Messaging with Web Services" were only drawing handfuls of people, talks like "Excel Macros" were drawing thousands. I guess this is the pyramid effect. Web services won't hit the mainstream until all those "Excel people" need to start using "departmental, service oriented macros" or something like that... who knows, maybe that's the killer app... Excel Macros as Web Services.

Ultimately, I do expect some mainstream app (like InfoPath or Excel) to be the driver for enterprises to get their Service Oriented Enterprise strategy figured out.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The Race is On  

Yesterday, Microsoft launched BizTalk 2004 beta. This product facilitates BPEL and web service orchestration.

Today, launched a new offering that they are calling "sforce". This is a hosted, web services model that allows developers to build applications (or services) and host them at a remote location. The remote location is enabling the developer to leverage some predetermined infrastructure. In this case, sForce will be offering local services for content management, searching, etc. This is what I have been calling a WSP (Web Service Provider). It is interesting to see that the services that the WSP will provide goes beyond metrics, billing and authentication. Please see:

Between these two announcements, I think it is safe to say that this week marks the beginning of the "Software as a Service" era. SalesForce is also calling it the "client/service" model.

The race is on.

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Jupiter now BizTalk Server 2004 --> Beta out  

Check out:×lot=0&catFast+Tracks=0&future=0

Also, see:

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Which is larger?  

Which is larger, Microsoft or the following 41 software & service companies combined (by market cap) :

(Quest Software, Inc. + Tibco Software, Inc. + Documentum, Inc. + Take-Two Interactive + Activision, Inc.+ Hyperion Solutions Corp. + Sybase, Inc. + Macromedia, Inc. + RealNetworks, Inc. + Business Objects S.A. Cognizant Technology Sol. + Red Hat, Inc. + Satyam Computer + J.D. Edwards & Company + Autodesk, Inc. + CSK Corporation + Network Associates, Inc. + Konami Corporation + Compuware Corporation + Trend Micro Incorporated + Cognos Incorporated + Mercury Interactive Corp. + VeriSign, Inc. + Citrix Systems, Inc. + Cadence Design Systems + BMC Software, Inc. + Amdocs Limited + BEA Systems, Inc.+ Synopsys, Inc. + Siebel Systems, Inc. + Check Point Software Tech + PeopleSoft, Inc. + Infosys Technologies Ltd.+ Symantec Corporation + Adobe Systems Incorporate + Intuit Inc. + Electronic Arts Inc. + VERITAS Software Corp. + Computer Associates + SAP AG + Oracle Corporation)

If you guessed Microsoft, you would be correct. Yes Microsoft is worth more than the 41 next largest software companies combined.

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