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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Apache Geronimo: A waste?  

I don't follow the open source J2EE stuff very much.The decision for the Apache group to write yet-another J2EE implementation has me exhasuted.

I personally feel that the J2EE programming model is out dated. Yea... it was good in its day - but the service based model is here and J2EE is "last-gen". A platform architecture that is hard-baked to three tiers is not going to survive.
When I saw that Apache was going to re-write the entire J2EE stack, I felt really sad. It was so disappointing that a group would attempt to rewrite the same last-gen stuff that has already been written a dozen times over.

I just wish they would consider doing something NEW, rather than yet-another-impl.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Service Oriented versus Service Based  

I found myself in a debate with some people around the term 'service oriented'. I fought that the term referred to the architectural pattern - that is, the triangle - producer, consumer, directory. My worthy opponent fought that most people that are building service based architectures are leaving out the directory. He went on to argue that if in the majority of the cases people were only using 2 of the 3 legs of the triangle, that we shouldn't refer to it as a 'service oriented' architecture. I agreed. We actually threw out the term Service Based to refer to a set of architectural patterns that revolve around services.

'Service Oriented' refers to the triangle pattern.
'Service Based' refers to the set of patterns that leverage services (service oriented, pipe & filter, pipe-to-pipe, etc.)

It is clear that confusion still exists in this area... more work neeeded.

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Java Pet Store as a BPEL Orchestration  

Recently, I've been working on rewriting the classic "Java Pet Store" application as a BPEL orchestration. It has been a great exercise to understand how one might develop entire applications using a service based model. The application ties together a variety of services (Presentation Services, Logic Services, Data Manipulation Services, Data Persistence Services, etc.)

Now, to make the effort fun, I decided to use an all .Net orchestration engine (OpenStorm) and to utilize services written in Java (on the J2EE model). What I am finding is:
1. The granularity of the J2EE model is currently too fine grained to be mapped directly to a service based architecture
2. The J2EE programming model is "location aware", that is, it has been designed with 'tiers' in mind
3. The concept of "Location Transparency as an Aspect" is still in infancy
4. The UML Sequence Diagram may be used to create a candidate architecture for a service based application
5. MOF, or some other meta data facility MUST be a key component of the fabric

I'll dive into each of these items later.

Can it be done? Yes.
Will it be 'clean'? Hmmm... parts of it will, parts of it won't.
Will it be fast? I think it will be fast enough, but hopefully TSS won't benchmark it ;-)
Will it be agile? Absolutely.

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Monday, August 04, 2003

Dave Winer Declared an Asshole  

I just read the story which basically reports that Dave Winer is an asshole. For anyone that has had the mispleasure of interacting with Dave, you'll find the story quite refreshing:


"Dave Winer has done a tremendous amount of work on RSS and invented important parts of it and deserves a huge amount of credit for getting us as far as we have," Tim Bray, a member of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) influential Technical Architecture Group, wrote in a June 23 Web log entry. (Bray is also a co-creator of Extensible Markup Language (XML), a (W3C)-recommended language on which RSS is based.) "However, just looking around, I observe that there are many people and organizations who seem unable to maintain a good working relationship with Dave."

The posting, which has served as a flashpoint for those on both sides of the controversy, has understandably drawn Winer's wrath.

"Why has my personality become the issue? They're using that to try to get me to shut up," Winer said in an interview. "I think most people don't have a difficult time working with me. It's unfair. It's untrue. And it's unbecoming of someone of (Bray's) stature to make statements like that. You can't create things with flames--you can only tear things down with flames. If they want to create things, they can't do it with the dislike of one person."

Sorry Dave, Tim has it right...

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