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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Will AMQ Rock Wall Street?  

I believe it was this article which prematurely blew the lid on a new protocol called AMQ.

Even the SOA Group is speculating....

The answer is... wait and see. I've been told by the best of sources that this project will be unveiled shortly...

posted by jeff | 4:58 PM

N-Service Computing  

Explaining Web Services, SOA and related concepts isn't always so easy. In my attempts to make these concepts easy to understand by the masses, I've landed on the term "N-Service Computing". And I'm using the following diagram to explain what I mean:

I've found that by showing this simple diagram people usually understand a few key points:
1. Service computing is an evolution of prior efforts
2. Services are the new unit of work
3. Services are part of a network

Obviously, this single slide doesn't explain everything, but I've found it to be a good introduction.

posted by jeff | 10:25 AM