Service Oriented Enterprise

Saturday, August 06, 2005

SOA Boot Camp  

After months of work, we're finally kicking off our SOA Boot Camp. MomentumSI consultants will be immersed in 17 days and nights of non-stop SOA education!

You name it - it made it: registries, repositories, governance, mediation, orchestration, composite applications, SO security, SO-BAM, legacy enablement, WS-I & WS-*, Indigo, Axis, SOBA, ESB, SOA reference architectures, SOA reference models, SOA process / methodology, SOA best practices, service analysis & design, XML message design, reuse metrics and more.

We have also signed up many of the leading SOA companies to provide vendor specific training on their best-of-breed products by their local gurus. After we run it internally a couple times we will be taking SOA Boot Camp to our customers.

SOA is a fundamentally different computing model - we've realized that the 2 and 3 day training just doesn't cut it. Let's hope that 17 gets the job done.

posted by jeff | 7:28 AM