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Friday, May 26, 2006

Tim O'Reilly Kills Web 2.0(sm)  

In case you missed - The O'Reilly team and CMP wants to own the term "Web 2.0". This means one of two things:

1. Tim will return from vacation and shit in his drawers when he learns of the controversy


2. Tim will stand by his team and the term Web 2.0 will die.

All that I ask is that someone take a picture of Tim right after he finds out about the controversy and post it.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

WiPro to compete with BPM ISV's  

WiPro, an offshore consulting company, has decided to also write commercial grade BPM software and compete with their partners.

"Flow-briX is a complete BPM framework available in both J2EE and.NET platforms. With its unique customizability approach, we have been instrumental in offering best-in-class BPM /Workflow solutions to diversified market segments starting from Banking to Telecom, Media, Health Care and so on."

Traditionally, this is a really bad move - I don't expect anything to be different this time.

posted by jeff | 6:14 AM