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Thursday, August 24, 2006

5 Years and 1 Hour  

Yesterday, I cranked out a fairly extensive document dealing with SOA governance. Not to pat my own back too much but it kind of rocked. I delivered it to the client and they expressed their happiness with the work. I mentioned to the client that I wrote it over lunch. They gave me a look of disbelief - as if I was lying.

It occurred to me that it really took me 5 years and 1 hour. It took 5 years of research and thinking about SOA and one hour to write it down.

Sometimes I cringe when I hear enterprise customers say that they're going to do their SOA effort internally and not learn lessons from people who've already put in the 5 years.

Am I trying to promote SOA consulting services? I guess I am. You know why?
1. I make my living by delivering SOA consulting services
2. SOA is the most extensive offering I've ever seen in I.T. and quite frankly, I think people who try to go it alone - or by reading a Gartner report are going to fail.

It's that simple.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

SOA Posers - Move Over  

I've noticed that the chasm is growing between the people who talk about SOA and the people who do SOA.

This is great news. For years it was just annoying evangelists. Now, the discussion has moved to the real questions. The troops are involved and they need to know how to do it. In many organizations this shift has already happened.

The media and sellers needs to catch up. The array of conferences and WebEx's on "Funding SOA" or "What is SOA?" need to come to an end. POSERS GET OUT OF THE WAY. It is time for the architects, designers, programmers and testers to actually DO IT.

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