Sunday, March 16, 2003

UDDI Entity Relationship Diagram

Dave Carlson, CTO of Otogenics Corp. did a nice white paper.

The following image is extracted from that paper. Hopefully, you can use them to avoid getting lost in the UDDI data structures like I did...
How do I get the DAMN AccessPoint?? (my thoughts)

This one is a bit easier to read - basically you can see the inquiry paths. The first is the 'browse' path:
find_business ( name_qualifiers ) :: returns a business_key
find_service ( business_key ) :: returns a service_key
find_binding ( service_key )
find_tModel ( name_qualifiers | identifiers | categories )

The Drill Down Pattern allows you to inquire based on a known key. It uses the get_* pattern do send the key as a parameter.
(get_businessDetail --> get_serviceDetail --> get_bindingDetail --> AccessPoint) .... returns...
(businessEntity --> businessService --> bindingTemplate --> tModel)

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