Sunday, May 18, 2003

WS-Choreography Can't Differentiate

So, I'm sitting here reading the meeting minutes from the W3C WS-Choreography, see:

and they can't seem to figure out what they are doing that has any value. They seem to have realized that just about everything they dream up has already been covered by BPEL or BPSS... yet they seem hell bent on keeping a working group together - from what I can tell, the purpose of the working group is to determine the purpose of the working group. I can only assume that the people that participate in this group don't like real work and would rather participate in a completely irrelevant working group.

Personally, I'll go with BPEL. As the W3C participants debate what ws-choreography is - my company has finished our orchestration implementation of BPEL Now we are moving on to finding snafu's and areas for improvement that can be fed back into the spec...

If it sounds like I think the W3C is dicking around with specifications that have already been written - you are right. KILL THIS WORKING GROUP.

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