Sunday, July 27, 2003

Webify comes out of stealth

Webify, a company headed by Manoj Saxena (formerly of Exterprise; acquired by CommerceOne) has come out of stealth mode.

The company vision statement states:
"The promise of the Internet is an open e-business platform where companies can do business spontaneously with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Business Services Networks fulfill that vision.

We envision every company publishing standards based business services and processes that customers and business partners can discover and self-provision into their own business processes with a few clicks of a mouse. Companies will build on each other's services, creating new loosely coupled applications and industry-transforming, network-centric business models."

Webify is Austin based - and a neighbor of mine. I had a chance to speak with Manoj a few months back and I think he gets it. It is interesting to see that he is bypassing the 'chasm' theory though. I'll have to ask him why he is attacking FiServ, Health & MFG all at once.

It is also interesting to see how much they are basing their products around BPEL (and J2EE). I anticipate this to be a trend for some time to come. Webify has also had to harden the current IBM implementations to include early versions of reliability, security, isolation, etc.

I look forward to following their progress.

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