Sunday, January 04, 2004

Bob Martin Demonstrates His Knowledge on Web Services

Bob Martin, from Object Mentor decided to slam web services.

The reason I bring this up is because of how poorly he did it. Sure, there are plenty of ways to cut up web services, but unfortunately, many people still don't even have the basic concepts down. Even seasoned people like Bob Martin have such little knowledge on the subject that tend to confuse people, rather than actually making a valid point.

Bob says stuff like:
- it is rpc
- it is attached to http and we use it to get past firewalls
- it has a negative effect on coupling :-)
- it uses xml, which is "big, ugly and slow"

Ok, for those of you who are new to web services. It isn't rpc, it isn't attached to http, it has a positive effect on coupling and yes it uses xml as a typing system, which trades some performance for interoperability.

You know, I love when people have valid complaints against web services. There are plenty of them too. I'm reminded of the movie Roxanne with Steve Martin.

Do you remember the scene where he was in the bar and some big drunk called him, "Big Nose". And Steve Martin came back asking, "Big Nose? Is that the best you can do?" Then, Steve Martin went on to find 20 names for his big nose...

Hmm. Interesting. Maybe I should post "20 valid complaints about web services"... but, as always, I'll need your help! (valid complaints only, please... )

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