Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Supply Chain Orchestration: RFID meets BPEL

Last week I made a visit to Boston to meet the people at Connecterra. These guys are in the "RFID middleware" space. This category is often called a 'savant' - although the industry seems to be moving beyond this term.

It was absolutely fascinating to see RFID signals get picked up by the readers, be sent to specialized RFID middleware where the signals were aggregated, filtered and eventually turned into web service (soap) calls. These calls could then could be consumed by a BPEL engine for processing. Immediately, the opportunities for "supply chain orchestration" are illuminated.

I've been working on a white paper called, "Supply Chain Orchestration" with Bob Betts for the last couple of weeks. The topic is huge - the impact is significant. We should have the paper done in a couple of weeks - I'll post a note when it is available.

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