Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MS Composite App Strategy?

Web Services enable composition through lowest-common-denominator ubiquitous protocols.

Composite applications pull together Web services to fulfill some set of requirements. If you compile the services together (bake at 450 degrees), you'll find that the agile-controller isn't so agile.

So, all of this said... what is the Composite Application Strategy for Microsoft? All the work on Indigo was great, but where is my 'service join' facility, or my 'agile controller' - for that matter, where is my 'semantic adapter'?

From one perspective you could say that SDM represents a portion of the strategy - but it only reflects the 'service oriented bill of materials'. BizTalk? Wow - I hope not... any insight?

If you're not familiar with 'composite applications platforms', take a look at:

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