Monday, July 31, 2006

SOA: Are you Hot or Not?

In the world of SOA, here is my view of the Hot or Not:

Discussing REST style services [NOT]
Building REST style services [HOT]

Debating the merits of UDDI [NOT]
Building out your service taxonomy [HOT]

I.T. doing SOA without business alignment [NOT]
Business driven SOA [HOT]

Implementing proprietary mediation tools [NOT]
Implementing standards based, federated mediation tools [HOT]

Designing one-off WSDL's [NOT]
Performing Service Oriented Information Engineering [HOT]

Debating the definition of SOA [NOT]
Creating a strategy and plan to take advantage of SOA [HOT]

Forcing last-gen object oriented methods on a SOA world [NOT]
Updating the SDLC to take advantage of SOA [HOT]

Web 2.0 as a means to create community [NOT]
Web 2.0 as SOA composition strategy [HOT]

SOA product company evangelists [NOT]
War stories from SOA trench

Blogging about SOA [NOT]
Doing SOA [HOT]

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