Monday, June 18, 2007

Using the Zachmann Framework to Manage Schneider Oriented Architecture

If you haven't seen Bill Zachmann's attempt to throw water on the SOA fire, it is worth a read.

Bill basically says that SOA has been overhyped, is the same-ole architecture and that it is like CORBA, etc. He goes on to say that the new thing is XML and you can already do that in Microsoft .Net. He also states that, " SOA is a matter of good, modular, object-oriented design..." No Bill, SOA is a matter of good Service Oriented Design.

I'm at a loss for words. I can understand his distaste for the amount of attention that SOA is getting. He actually states that he doesn't like: "IT guru firms that peddle high-priced snake oil as "expert advice" and use high-sounding, yet vague and obscure terminology to cloak the utter banality and limited practical value of what -they're saying." My God Bill - have you looked in the mirror? At least we didn't name it after ourselves!!!

This article, written in the Microsoft Redmond Journal, is the biggest bunch of shit I've seen written since Nicholas Carr put pen to paper.

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