Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Terry White on SOA

I just caught a great comment that Terry White, EDS Fellow, left:

A good approach is to develop a taxonomy that is easily understood by all involved. We recently developed an Enterprise Architecture that was SOA based. It didn’t really look that much different from any other Enterprise Architecture that is modular and effectively layered.

In developing this architecture we involved people from both the IT and business areas of the company. When we first started the context was purely business process – re-engineering and decomposition. We moved them to a services view for looking at the business processes. Then we added the IT “application” details and show how business services would be supported by application services. We decomposed the existing application landscape and re-ordered it to align with the business services.

Business processes have owners, or people responsible to manage them as assets. Applications have owners. Now the move is for services, both business and IT application, to have owners and be managed more like products. One potential problem I noticed is that management tends to count the number of applications supporting their business and work to reduce that number. When we move to services and managing services, there is an automatic increase in things you are managing because before these were all just application functions buried within the application. Aggregating the services can help but it is a bit of a mind shift.

I couldn't agree more. This is very similar the process that we do at MomentumSI. I'm glad to hear that others are having success as well.

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