Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Replace SOA Governance with Expertise?

Owen Pettiford takes a swipe at SOA Governance:

The reasons for this conclusion stems from the drug induced high I was on just after the operation when it occurred to me that I had not just survived the biggest operation of my life because someone "governed" it well (sure it was important that the right people were there and that they had the right tools) – I survived because I had EXPERTS working on me who had TRAINED for YEARS.

Well, I partially agree with Owen. Let's not forget that much of the doctors training was on the best practices (sanitary environment, cross-checks, standard procedures, etc.)

SOA Governance isn't a magic bullet. But if it is implemented correctly it will prevent (some) people from doing (some) stupid stuff (some) of the time. And I'm ok with that.

He goes on to say:
Enterprise SOA will be achieved through expertise, passion and shared vision.

You could replace "Enterprise SOA" with just about anything and you'd be correct. The problem is that large organizations are filled with people who are non-experts who don't have passion and lack shared vision. It's that simple. Good SOA Governance makes the assumption that statistically, the average person in your organization is, well, average!


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