Monday, April 28, 2008

SOA and WOA Comparison

Several peopled (too many to name) have recently compared SOA and WOA. Unfortunately, virtually all of the comparisons are really more of an analysis of 'Web Services vs. REST/POX/RSS/AJAX'. For those of us who 'do SOA' for a living, this drives us crazy. We fought for years to get people to quit thinking about SOA and Web Services as being the same thing. Now we have both analysts and press undoing the progress that we had made. Ugh.

Ok guys - steal this:

Please consider extending this little framework as a way to do proper comparisons. If you feel the need to add rows, I encourage it. If you don't like the contents of a cell - change it, but for the love of God, please quit comparing Web Services and REST and calling it "SOA versus WOA".

As for the cute one liners: "WOA is the SOA that works"... "SOA is the internal cloud" :-) You guys kill me. This is excellent nonsensical dribble.

However, the idea of 'building your WOA on your SOA' caught my attention. My deciphering of this statement is "use the EA & Governance practices to ensure business alignment, proper sharing and quality while also using lightweight protocols to drive barrier-free consumption and composition." Assuming this is what was meant... I'd agree! Perhaps another post on this subject...

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