Saturday, January 25, 2003


I just noticed that KnowNow quit selling infrastructure products. What a shame. Now they feel that there is a market for turning your spreadsheet into an Internet accessible spreadsheet. Yea... it appears as though they have decided that they could make more money by wrapping DDE with a web service and passing the clipboard around the Internet. (I'm not even sure if DDE still exists :-) Hmmm... I wonder if this idea ever crossed Microsofts mind?

This is why I love competing against venture funded companies. If their products are ahead of their time, the vc's "encourage" them to go down some cheezy path where the window of opportunity is closer at hand. It's a classic way to turn a great company into... well... an enabler of "Live Spreadsheets"!!! Don't get me wrong, I have no idea why KnowNow went down this path, it just feels like I've seen this before.

If you aren't familiar with the previous KnowNow platform, here is a link to a nice demo.

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