Sunday, January 12, 2003


A couple days ago, Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu and some other non-influencers (dubbed the WS-Cronies) annexed the name, 'WS-Reliability' by putting out a specification with that title. The release of this specification by someone other than the WS-Duopoloy has two items of significance:
1. Sun finally realized that they could push their shit by annexing the WS-* prefix.
2. IBM and MS (hopefully) have realized that they need to put out a roadmap for some of the future required services (such as WS-Reliability). This roadmap may have to suggest some names that they intend on using...

As for the specification, it is exactly what you would expect: Reliability (message gets there at least once, not more than once and in order). From what I can tell, the fine folks at Sun wrote a Java utility to parse the OASIS ebMS specification and replace all instances of "ebMS" with "WS-Reliability". The document fails to acknowledge that specifications such as WS-Routing exist. Thus, the WS-Cronies version of the specification will act as a temporary placeholder until the WS-Duopoly choose to release their version.

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