Saturday, February 22, 2003

Service Oriented Language

I had a realization. I have been programming services in an object-oriented world - - and it is clunky.

I've taken a look at IBM's WSIF, which acts as an abstraction layer across invocation schemes but it too is clunky. I should be able to import a wsdl into my environment and immediately begin making calls to the operation as if it were a regular method call - programmer never knows the difference.

I believe that we need a major language upgrade. Note - in order to make this happen we don't need a VM upgrade - just a language upgrade. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to compile my favorite SOL (Service Oriented Language) to run in a JVM or CLR.

Corey Williams recently pointed me at Water, a language that promotes itself as being used for, "Simplified Web Services and XML Programming". I haven't downloaded, but will check it out. Sidenote - how did this make it to version 3.1 and have a book come out without me noticing - I must be getting old.

If anyone else runs across SOL's please let me know! Oh yea, the language must actually exist (X# doesn't count).

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