Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Upgraded WebSphere supports BPEL, WS-TX, WS-C!

WebSphere Application Server Enterprise, V5 - $25,000 per processor -- available February 21

Developers can build applications with WebSphere's new, integrated workflow engine and tools. They can easily and visually choreograph complex business processes to flexibly integrate J2EE and Web services applications and packaged applications. An automobile manufacturer, for example, can coordinate a complex manufacturing cycle -- order parts, alert the dealership and check consumer credit -- all within a workflow that spans the network. If credit approval fails, an exception can be requested from a loan officer; if denied, the workflow can automatically cancel and neatly accommodate the other steps, such as reassigning parts to another vehicle. IBM WebSphere's workflow engine is based on XML technology that IBM is now working to standardize, in advanced form, with industry partners. This includes BPEL4WS (Business Process Executive Language for Web Services), WS-TX (Web Services Transactions), WS-C (Web Services Coordination) -- all specifications that IBM is helping to develop and drive into standards bodies.


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