Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Gartner Matrix on Business Rules Engines

Gartner released their matrix for Business Rules Engines for April of 2003:

The full report is here.

The report comments, "There is an emerging concept that service-oriented architecture (SOA) and its associated Web services also should include rules sensitivity. This may occur through 2004; the momentum has yet to be determined."

Although Gartner loves the, "Software as Service" story, they don't seem to be as bullish as one might expect on the exposure of business rules as services. The report does not mention the syndication of business rules for highly regulated industries (HIPAA, Patriot Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.). However it does mention that one must consider the SOA:

"We believe that new agile applications will be composed of flow rules and services that leverage SOAs. Therefore, large vendors such as IBM and Microsoft must buy, build or integrate rule engines. We expect it will take 18 months or more for IBM and Microsoft to deliver the kind of functionality that can compete effectively in this market. Ultimately, there may be too few stand-alone rule vendors to justify a separate market. "

What happened to the DragonFly project from Microsoft???

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