Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Web Services Exercise #1

The marketing department at a Fortune 500 company has realized that 10% of their revenue is being generated from their online Internet presence. The Web group has also determined that almost 50% of all of their traffic is being directed to them by the Google search engine. In an effort to increase web traffic the company has decided to create software to monitor and report their “ranking” on Google. The software has the following requirements:

1. Every Monday at 4AM, a snapshot of the Google rankings should run.
2. The software should read from a set of stored keywords (supplied in advance) that the user would like to query Google.
3. The software should loop through the keywords, send the query to Google and retrieve the results.
4. The results should be turned into an HTML page that can be saved to a web server and rendered later.
5. Every Monday at 9AM, an email should be sent to a distribution list (supplied in advance) notifying them that the report has run. The email should also contain a link to the report.

Design this system using a service oriented approach. Leverage web service interfaces to the SMTP, the job scheduler, the HTML report writer, file persistence, FTP and the search engine. Leverage BPEL to tie it all together.

To do:
1. Create service interfaces, including WSDL & XML Schemas
2. Create any BPEL documents (if needed)

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