Friday, May 07, 2004

Emerging Technologists

Every solution creates a new problem. As soon as a solution is introduced emerging technologists begin thinking about the new problems and the means to solve it. They jump right over the 'current' problem and begin attacking the issues that haven't occurred to the majority.

Over the years, I've created a few broad categories that I use to describe the 'emerging' people:

Spotters - a spotter is someone that scans the available technical literature looking for the next big thing (a spot).

Weavers - a weaver is a person that combine multiple 'spots' into a candidate solution (a weave).

Appliers - an applier is a person that takes a well known problem and applies a new candidate solution towards the problem (an application).

Inventors - an inventor is a person that illuminates a new alternative solution to a well known problem (an invention).

Evangelist - an evangelist is a person that makes persuasive arguments in support of a new spot, weave, application or invention.

Referee - a referee is a person that attempts to mediate the 'emerging' people and their solutions.

What are you?

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