Thursday, May 20, 2004

Iona to Reduce Number of Press Releases!

A representative from Iona has stated that they intend to reduce their number of press releases... or something like that. Actually, I believe what he said was:

"Gateways are simplistic -- anyone can write one" - (meaning that even Iona can write one)


"I'd personally be embarrassed to issue a press release touting a mere gateway."


Let's take a look at the Iona press releases which are so damn important:
May17 IONA Makes Standards Compliance Easier for Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers
May12 Chinese Premier Visits IONA Technologies
May10 IONA Joins Telemanagement Forum
May04 IONA Puts Developers on the SOA Fast Track

Hmmm... they joined an industry group, had a diplomat visit and wrote a white paper. Iona - you kick ass!! Don't bother with those silly press releases about new products - those... well, those are just embarrassing.

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