Sunday, May 23, 2004

The J2EE Verbs

Here are the verbs of the J2EE API:

acknowledge, activate, add, after, are, cancel, clear, clone, close, commit, compare, connect, contains, convert, create, delete, destroy, do, does, encode, execute, exists, find, flush, forward, get, handle, include, init, initialize, insert, invalidate, is, load, log, next, on, passivate, pop, prepare, previous, print, publish, push, put, read, read, receive, recover, refresh, register, release, remove, request, reset, rollback, run, send, service, set, start, store, truncate, unset, unsubscribe, update, validate, was, write

Here are my 'kernel verbs':
Level 1: do
Level 2: get, set, insert, delete, allocate, deallocate, validate, resource.peform, run, locate and receive
[warning - this is first pass]

I'm still working on level 3. It will probably look like a cleaned up version of the J2EE verbs. I'll remove the synonyms and change some of the state oriented verbs into nouns. All level 3 verbs are just combinations of level 2 verbs. Creating level 3 will likely shake out my level 2.

I'll take a look at the .Net verbs as well. I already did the assembly language verbs - I thought it would be interesting but I failed to gain much insight; odd eh?

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