Saturday, December 06, 2003

Process Oriented Uptime

As more and more applications are moved to a process-centric approach, I believe that we can anticipate a fundamental change in the systems management layer. Today, most systems management products tend to focus on measuring the uptime of a computer, a cluster or a piece of software (like an application server). As our applications become more distributed across the network (web services or other means), it will become essential to view the uptime (and other quality concerns) from a process perspective where the system would scan all of the involved services and their respective non-functional concerns. After all, a sales manager isn't concerned with the up-time of a WebLogic instance; rather, he/she is concerned with the ability to work the sales process.

Integrating software quality concerns back to the business process at hand will also allow people to prioritize the processes and re-allocate resources according to the business impact. One could see where the various 'on-demand' efforts that are being pursued could come in very handy in this scenario.

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