Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Web Service Documentation

It is great to see that products are coming out to help document web services. This is another step in the maturity process. Now... we need people to learn how to write good documentation for their wsdl's and bpel's.

Take a look at this:
http://www.wsdox.com and the samples: http://www.wsdox.com/samples/index.html

I'm very excited to see the BPEL documentation as well. The team as Wsdox are also planning on authoring guidelines about writing good documentation for web services. In addition to tooling, we need best practices.

In my inquiry, they also mentioned some interesting notes about their roadmap including: documenting the WS-* aspects of services, making the tool a web service :-), documenting some of the other artifacts (XSL, XQuery, etc.) -- very good stuff. I'm also glad to see that they are OEM'ing the software - so many products should be using this kind of stuff...

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