Saturday, August 20, 2005

Open Source ESB - Apache Synapse

It appears as though the Apache ESB project, Synapse, is moving forward. According to InternetNews, Blue Titan, Infravio, WSO2, Sonic and Iona are all supporting it.

For those of you who aren't familiar with ESB's, Microsoft does a pretty good job of describing one in their position paper. They basically say that an ESB consists of:
- Orchestration & Transformation
- Intelligent Routing and Mediation

The heart of the current code base was donated by Infravio. However, it was quickly noted:
Sonic Software itself an ESB vendor (as well as an initial committer to the Synapse project) said that Synapse wasn't a full blown ESB. "This project is related to ESB , but it is not in itself an ESB," Dave Chappell, Sonic Software's VP and Chief Technology Evangelist told,. "What Synapse bring to the table is a mediation framework that allows users to get in the middle between service requesters and providers and perform various tasks – including transformation and routing and that helps to promote loose coupling between services "

So, if I understand Dave correctly - Synapse has the routing and mediation but not the orchestration and transformation. Sounds like a problem! Perhaps I can help?

As of today - I am open sourcing our Orchestration IDE, BPEL engine and Transformation system.

But what good is an open source ESB if you can't get decent support? None! Sounds like a job for MomentumSI.

Done. Stay tuned. More to come.

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