Monday, August 15, 2005

Tim Bray Supports WS-*

Via Nick Gall.

Tim Bray did an interview and has asked his readers to draw their own conclusion, which I have: Sun customers have had to invent their own distributed computing solutions - on their own dime - and have created proprietary solutions. AToM tried to tell them for years but had little luck.

Questions and Answers with RouteOne
Q: How did you do Routing / Addressing?
A: We went proprietary - because we had to.

Q: How did you do Reliability?
A: We went proprietary - because we had to.

Q: How did you do Orchestration?
A: We went proprietary - we can't wait to get off of it.

Q: Do you put anything standard in the header???
A: Yes, WS-Security

Q: How do you do messaging?
A: Vendor specific; ubiquity via platform API - not protocol

Now it is possible that I misunderstood the point that Tim was trying to make... but if I read it correctly, he has a customer that wants protocol ubiquity. The customer has real problems (transactions, correlated messages, reliability concerns, security concerns, performance concerns). He had to roll his own protocols (boo) and stated that he could have gone faster if he didn't.

I'm so happy that Tim found an enterprise customer that had real issues. Perhaps with the acquisition of SeeBeyond Sun will become a WS-Shop ;-) Gee - having a few protocols implemented sure can change your tune!!!

The funny thing is that my friends at IBM and Microsoft NEVER talk about SOA specs anymore. That's so 2003. Perhaps we should debate JBI (or not).

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