Thursday, October 20, 2005

SOA Boot Camp: Days 8 & 9

Day 8 (Tuesday) was an interesting day. Oddly enough we were discussing service networking infrastructure (XML transformation devices, mediation and XML firewalls) - and the press release around IBM picking up DataPower came out. Well - that created a bit of discussion. Generally we agreed on a few things: 1. The deal was good for IBM and DataPower 2. The valuation of Reactivity just went up 3. Cisco needs help with AON. We also spent some time and knocked out a 'service networking buyers guide' which we will make available to our customers.

Day 9 (Wednesday) focused on 'service oriented business intelligence'. Eric Zerneke and y of Service Integrity taught us the essentials of using SIFT. This was a welcome change. We'd been spending a significant amount of time looking at the non-functional concerns of SOA that it was great to learn about a product that was much more focused on providing business value. From a geek perspective, SIFT focuses more on the information found in the SOAP body. So, many people talk about 'business services' - well, accompanying those services are 'business messages'. SIFT presents a solution for 'intercepting' business messages, applying cross-message analytics for the purpose of near-real time event resolution. Unlike traditional ETL/Cube/Analyze/Report solutions, SIFT presents information to a user when the information is still action-able (not post-mortem analysis). They also do a great job of aggregating the data and making it available to a variety of output devices (rich client, portal, etc.) One thing that I'd like to see is a closer integration into intermediaries.

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