Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SOA Boot Camp: Day 3

Another tough SOA Boot Camp Day!

Most large enterprises have a number of legacy systems in place - and many of them running on the mainframe. SOA and Web services provide a great way to access those business and data services.

Momentum has a number of clients that are choosing to use services as a stepping stone to migrating functionality off of the mainframe. In this way they are able to create a standard interface and have the clients plug into it. Later the implementation of the interface can be moved to whatever hardware software platform they choose.

We were fortunate to have Rob Morris and Wilson Rains of GT Software educate on 'service enabling' legacy software. First, it was great to see an organization that understands both the classic mainframe environment and the next generation service oriented enterprise. Most companies that we talk with that come from a mainframe environment really don't get SOA - this was a welcome change.

The other item that we quickly noted was the depth of their product suite. We've evaluated a number of similar packages and many of them have quasi-connectivity solutions. As an ex-IBM 390, MVS, VM guy, I know that there is a real big difference between those that understand this environment and those that don't.

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