Sunday, September 17, 2006

SOA Acquisitions (revised list)

I've updated the list of acquisitions in the SOA space:

A few interesting notes:
1. I couldn't be more disappointed in Cisco and their lack of acquisitions. AON failed (past tense). This could go down as one of the biggest blunders in software / hardware history. IMHO, Cisco should have revisited their executive leadership around AON a long time ago.

2. I've taken Service Integrity off the list. It appears as though they've shut down and didn't move the IP. This is disappointing as well - from what I've heard, many of the SOA ISV's were never even notified that the IP was up for sale.

3. WebMethods acquired Infravio. HP/Mercury/Systinet couldn't be happier. WEBM stock has been in the gutter for a long time. Infravio has a great product and a great team. It will be interesting to see if WEBM realizes that they need to move aside and let the Infravio team run their SOA direction.

4. I'm keeping SOA Software on both 'buy side' and 'sell side'. These guys have put together a pretty interesting package that keeps them in the pure play SOA infrastructure space. It's too clean. Someone one will grab them.

5. I added a couple 'client-side' guys to the list yet: ActiveGrid and AboveAll Software.

6. I added RogueWave (strong SCA/SDO story), I will proabably add some more SDO / data service providers in the near future.

7. I added testing specialists iTKO and Parasoft (although I don't know who will buy them).

8. I added Logic Library. With the Flashline acquisition, these guys become an obvious target.

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