Friday, July 18, 2008

Linthicum on ESB's

Several people have sent me the latest Linthicum article on the back channel. People are asking if I agree...

Dave comments:
First, if there is indeed "enterprise architecture" and an "enterprise architect" then the different divisions should not be using different ESBs, or even an ESB for that matter.

Companies are buying ESB's, will continue to buy ESB's, will buy products that are packaged with ESB's and will acquire/merge with other companies that have ESB's. They aren't going away - so yes, large companies will have to figure out how to deal with having more than one...

Dave moves on to his second point:
Second, considering that my first point is correct (which it is), why the heck are you attempting to integrate these integration engines when they should perhaps be displaced altogether.

In an overconfident, if not pompous manner, Dave declares himself correct. He then wants to know why a single dictator doesn't come in and end-of-life various products across business units, geographies and missions. Well, it might be a good idea for I.T. but may not be in the best interest of the business.

Personally - I see this as just plain silly advice...but perhaps, I misunderstood his point.

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