Thursday, July 31, 2008

RFP's for Service Oriented Architecture

At MomentumSI, we keep a close eye on the various RFP's that are issued relating to SOA. Yesterday, one caught my attention, and I'd love to hear from the blogging community on what they think.

The issuer is the Rhode Island Administration of State Courts, RFP/LOI #: B2008011. This is an active/open RFP titled, "Service Oriented Architecture Implementation". Naturally, an initiative that MomentumSI would be interested in...

I encourage others to take a look at the RFP - I don't mean to single this particular agency out, it's just a concrete example that I believe will facilitate a conversation.

Bloggers, what I want to know is do you think this is a good SOA RFP?

Speak up - I want to hear your thoughts!

(For the record, MomentumSI will not be bidding on this RFP)

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Unknown said...


Perhaps I'm a bit late in responding but I'll take a shot anyway...

The preliminary architecture by the department is impressive but at the same time confused to some degree. What they are describing extends beyond core SOA implementation into SOE & SOI (environment or infrastructure and complex integration) - in other words a complete IT transformation.

I don't think they've got a 100% handle on the scope. The other thing I noticed was a definite lack of focus on the corollary data layer architecture (outside of the ESB that is). I'd say that this project as defined carries with it a moderate risk level.

- Stephen Lahanas