Sunday, August 31, 2008

Services, Mashups & Cloud: Shelfari

Imagine for a moment that an online ‘virtual book store’, called Shelfari, created a widget that displayed pictures and descriptions of the widget owners favorite books. These widgets could then be embedded inside of blogs and social networks so that people could see what their friends or influencers were reading. We’d have to assume that the widget was viral in nature, allowing consumers to copy the widget and republish it with their own content at their own site. And like all things viral, the network of users grew at an exponential rate. The widget became so successful that decided it was time to acquire the company. The press related to the activity drove additional traffic to the Shelfari site to the point where response times were so long that new users couldn’t even sign up.

What if – what if widgets drove traffic and viral widgets drove huge traffic? What if personalization drove conversion rates and Web API’s enabled financial transactions? What if we could mashup content and community to drive commerce? What if the hardware automatically scaled to meet the needs of the user community?

The world of API’s (or services), mashups and cloud computing are all upon us. As many businesses continue cut costs and hunker down for a ‘wanna-be’ recession, others are innovating and driving new sustainable revenue sources.

Services, Mashups and Cloud drive business opportunities for those who seek a competitive advantage.

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