Sunday, August 31, 2008

Joe McKendrick 2.0

Joe McKendrick is one of my favorite bloggers over at ZDNet. However, I've found some of his stuff to be a bit hum drum. That is, until I found his 'secret' posting site...

Joe 2.0 (like Jeff 2.0), is spending much more time thinking, writing and talking about all of the reasons that you did SOA in the first place. Want to check out some good reading?

Mashups: So Easy a Caveman Can Write Them?


Managing Data in the Clouds

Fundamentally, SOA has progressed from debating about ESB's, governance styles, REST vs. SOAP, etc. to a discussion on how to use the services to create new business functionality through mashups, while delivering on low cost platforms (cloud and PaaS). Joe 2.0 gets it.

Are you 2.0?

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