Friday, December 20, 2002

WS-* Roadmaps

Overall, I have been impressed with the detail of the ws-* specifications. In general, they are detailed, consistent in terminology and provide some level of examples. However, the overarching document seems to be missing. This would be the specification that puts all of the specs into a single context. Now W3C has an architecture document that is coming together nicely, however it addresses the architecture at more of a conceptual level. The IBM/MS duo are in need of a ws-* roadmap. It would show how the pieces connect to each other, define the common glossary, spell out what is done today, identify what is out of scope, etc. Now, I know that 25 different people have all made best-effort stabs at these maps - but we need an official one from the source.

The ws-security team actually did a nice job of putting together their local roadmap.

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