Sunday, December 08, 2002

To a carpenter, it looks like a hammer...

I seem to be bitching a lot lately - mostly about items written about web services by really smart people. As I look back, in each case I see that the author is bringing their baggage with them - OO baggage, business improvement baggage and most recently database baggage.

Doug Barry is a smart guy. He recently published a white paper on, "Getting Ready for a Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture". I got excited by the title - it was the first time I saw someone other than me use the term SOE. I dove into the paper! Right off the bat I see Barry telling a story of a message oriented world - I'm loving it! Then, it starts to go down hill - he moves into using a "database of record" - hmmm... he's talking storage. But then he takes it up a beat and starts talking about EAI, but refuses to use the term EAI and instead refers to it as a "Data Router"??? Now I'm suspicious - then, he moves into how object databases are better and the one from Versant kicks ass. UGGGGG.... I felt like the kid Ralphie on, "A Christmas Story" who just found out that the message for the secret decoder ring was really just a commercial for Ovaltine. Doug, if you want to create yet another commercial for Versant or the object DBMS, just title your paper, "Why I am the King of Persisted Objects!" or something like that.

Doug obviously realizes that he's doing this and comments:
"For those readers who know of my background in object DBMS's, you are probably saying something about how I am beating the same old drum concerning object DBMS's. Although this may be true, I am trying to point out a specific use that should make sense to almost any organization that has a need for middle-tier persistence." Enough said.

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