Monday, December 16, 2002

Asynchronous, Guaranteed Web Service Protocols

Most people seem to agree that web service orchestration will primarily occur through an asynchronous, document based architecture. One should also assume that some level of guarantee is required (the package arrived in whole, the package arrived intact, the content of the package makes sense, etc.)

I'm hoping that someone has done a comparsion of potential wire protocols for delivering asynchronous, SOAP messages in an open format. If so, please drop me a note.

Compare / contrast the following wire protocols as potential vehichles for delivering asynch. SOAP messages:
(or others that I may be missing, for now I'm not interested in vendor specific or platform specific stuff)

SOAP 1.1 binding to BEEP:

SOAP 1.2 binding to SMTP:
Note that the SMTP binding has a field for message correlation.

SOAP 1.2 binding to SMTP Illustration:

AWSP to SOAP (not really a binding...) :

Generic SOAP binding framework (proposal):

SOAP binding to HTTP:

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