Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Books I bought from Amazon (2002 & 2003)

Amazon has a nice feature where you can view your entire purchasing history. Here is mine:

Order date June 08, 2003
1 of: OSS Essentials: Support System Solutions for Service Providers

Order date July 12, 2002
1 of: Dictionary of Insurance Terms (Dictionary of Insurance Terms, 4th Ed)
1 of: Insurance Technology Handbook
1 of: Business of Insurance: A Comprehensive Introduction to Insurance

It was interesting for me to see that I am using Amazon less than I used to. I think that I'm continuing to buy the same number of books as always - but, apparently I am now going to the bookstore, enjoying a cup of coffee (and getting out of the house). It is also interesting to see that for the last couple of years the books that I've purchased are more industry focused (Insurance, Telecom, etc.)

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