Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Java Pet Store as a BPEL Orchestration

Recently, I've been working on rewriting the classic "Java Pet Store" application as a BPEL orchestration. It has been a great exercise to understand how one might develop entire applications using a service based model. The application ties together a variety of services (Presentation Services, Logic Services, Data Manipulation Services, Data Persistence Services, etc.)

Now, to make the effort fun, I decided to use an all .Net orchestration engine (OpenStorm) and to utilize services written in Java (on the J2EE model). What I am finding is:
1. The granularity of the J2EE model is currently too fine grained to be mapped directly to a service based architecture
2. The J2EE programming model is "location aware", that is, it has been designed with 'tiers' in mind
3. The concept of "Location Transparency as an Aspect" is still in infancy
4. The UML Sequence Diagram may be used to create a candidate architecture for a service based application
5. MOF, or some other meta data facility MUST be a key component of the fabric

I'll dive into each of these items later.

Can it be done? Yes.
Will it be 'clean'? Hmmm... parts of it will, parts of it won't.
Will it be fast? I think it will be fast enough, but hopefully TSS won't benchmark it ;-)
Will it be agile? Absolutely.

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