Saturday, August 16, 2003

The Mindreef Team

Currently, I do not use the Mindreef software.

I was considering using it so I checked out their home page. And, like many people, I went to the 'team' page to see if I knew any of the guys working on it. I didn't, but they had a great team picture:

Wow. These guys look like geeks. I mean that as a compliment. I am much more likely to download and use their software after previewing the team photo. This seems silly doesn't it? The fact is, we've all worked with great engineers - and generally speaking they... kind of look alike. Now, Graham Glass may be the exception to the rule:

Anyway, if you have a 'mindreef' looking team, it may be in your best interest to post the pictures :-)

I'll go drink some coffee now - I'm sure I have something slighly more insightful to say than just this...

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