Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Borland Exec Reads McKinsey Report...I'm packing my things

Here's a great quote from
"And because the aging baby boomer generation is nearing retirement, the United States may be headed for another work force shortage, said William Miller, professor emeritus at Stanford University and chairman of Borland Software. In the meantime, displaced IT workers should get training and be willing to relocate to find new jobs, he said. " - Now there is an individual really thinking on his own!

Here's another interesting one: "People have to be prepared to move," Miller said. "That will be one of the requirements of the work force in the future; people must be willing to move where the jobs are." - Does this mean I will have to move to India?

Moving to India will be a blast. I could go bike riding with all of my other American software associates. I can't wait!!!

My only concern is that all of the jobs in India get moved to China. But surely, India has an aging baby booming problem too... perhaps I could take care of their elderly.

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