Friday, October 10, 2003

Public SOAP Router

I pistol-whipped one of my consultants into putting up a public SOAP router. It is the WSE 2.0 impl. If anyone wants to donate another impl, I'll gladly put that up as well.

For now, there is no dynamic routing algorithm.. just a static routing table. We are going to use 'to' fields in WS-Addressing as the final destination (for now).

We are also hoping to put up an unreliable-router soon (to test WS-ReliableMessaging, along with a static WSRM Policy Assertion).

This is super-duper beta kind of stuff. Send me an email if you are interested in testing out the public router:

We are building an HTML front-end so that you can add your own entries but this isn't out yet. Til then, you'll have to email us your endpoint information.

[[try to use 'pistol-whip' in a casual sentence when talking to friends - it will likely bring a smile to your face!]] LOL

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