Sunday, November 16, 2003

Junglemen Hex American Programmers

In a rare move, the normally friendly tribesmen of the Zimbabwe jungle put a voodoo-like-hex on the American programmers working there.

Frank, who was laid off from General Electric's I.T. department some time back explained, "After training my Indian replacement at G.E., I decided I was going to beat the game. If the trans-national corporations were only interested in low-cost labor, it was clear that I'd have to reduce my cost-of-living expenses. That's why our whole development team moved to the jungles of Zimbabwe."

"Unfortunately, we were found by the local tribesman. I don't fully understand their language, although it appears to be a blend of Morse-code and ASCII. From what I've gathered, they are concerned about too many U.S. programmers coming here." In an effort to remedy the concerns, Frank intends to meet with the local governing council. "I will explain to the council that we can put 'caps' on the number of American programmers that can come to the jungle - AND... they will be forced to leave after a certain number of years. In essence, we are pitching them a variation of the H1 and L1 programs!!!"

The city of Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe is quickly becoming a technology hotbed. In addition to American programmers, recently displaced developers from Hyderabad, India are also flocking over. Amit Maheshwari explains, "Yes, we used to specialize in convincing American companies to come to India... now, we make our money selling the U.S. trans-nationals infrastructure to create wireless zones in the jungle. We have also tried to get them to subsidize the mosquito repellent, but so far haven't had any luck."

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