Thursday, November 13, 2003

New RFID Application - Knicker Surfing!

According to the Chicago Sun Times, "RFID chips could make your daily life easier, but they also could let anyone with a scanning device know what kind of underwear you have on and how much money is in your wallet".

At first I thought to myself - Wow, what an invasion of privacy! Then, I realized that the Chicago Sun Times may have just found the killer application for RFID. By targeting perverts, we will be able to sell millions of handheld readers to identify the 'kind of underwear' that people are wearing. This is genius!!! Unfortunately, I found out that there is already a growing population of what I am dubbing, "knicker surfers":

Gary, a regular knicker surfer reports, "Yea, it's cool. Me and my buddies come out here all the time and knicker surf. I just hope Walmart pushes PML. Right now, I can only get the underwear brand... with PML I'll be able to get the size too!"

I had no idea. :-)

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